Also known as

  • The Colonel

Real name: Albert Sandberg

Location: Sweden Edit location

Thec has a dog, Cisco, that has tagged along with him to several demoparties, and also has its own page on FaceBook.

Organiser of


Electrify - Code
Linux, Windows - Demo
Outbreak Dec 2010
Pixel By Pixel - Other (Idea, handyman)
Darklite and Outbreak Nov 2009
Zenit - Other
Linux, Windows - Demo
Outbreak Aug 2009
Stress - Code
Windows - Demo
Chimera Music and Outbreak Aug 2009
Linux, Windows - Demo
Chimera Music and Outbreak May 2009
Attraction - Graphics
Windows - 64K Intro
Outbreak and The Moose Brothers Aug 2000
Supreme - Code (additional)
MS-Dos - Demo
Outbreak Mar 1998
ANSi - Code
MS-Dos - 64K Intro
Outbreak Feb 1997
Lovetro - Graphics (as The Colonel)
MS-Dos - Demo
Outbreak Feb 1997
Yodel Conference 8 Report - Text (interviews), Graphics (photos) (as The Colonel)
MS-Dos - Report
Goto10 and Outbreak Jul 1996

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