Crazy Typer

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Crazy Typer went along from Megaforce to be one of the original founders of Scoopex in the beginning of 1989. He left the scene late that same year, after releasing his final production with J.O.E's Slideshow 2 in july.


First Public-Domaine Disk - Code (intro)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Musicdisk, Pack
Slideshow - Text, Code
Amiga OCS/ECS - Slideshow
The Austria Crew
Amiga OCS/ECS - Slideshow
Scoopex Jul 1989
Second Demo - Code
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Scoopex Feb 1989
First Demo - Code
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Scoopex Feb 1989
Raster Magic - Code
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Megaforce May 1988
Amiga OCS/ECS - Intro
Personal Crackings Crew May 1988
Amiga OCS/ECS - Cracktro
Megaforce 1988

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