Edit history for Aldn

2017-11-09 09:40:27 ltk_tscc Added credit for Aldn on D-BUG CD 171 Intro: Other (Original supplier)
2016-01-30 16:25:43 simonsunnyboy Updated Aldn's membership of Paradize: set as ex-member
2015-12-01 08:14:47 exocet Added credit for Aldn on Glokys cat: Other (samples conversion)
2013-12-27 21:14:53 menace Updated visibility of real name
2013-06-11 07:14:32 ltk_tscc Added credit for Aldn on Nuclear Waste Dump: Other (Digi sound effects)
2013-02-26 19:42:59 ltk_tscc Set real name
2013-02-26 19:42:51 ltk_tscc Set location to Belgium
2013-02-26 19:42:37 ltk_tscc Added Aldn as a member of Paradize