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Member of


Fred's Journey - Other (Support)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Game
Cosmos Designs and Retroguru Apr 2020
Xump - Other (Levels, Beta-Test)
Atari Lynx - Game
Retroguru Apr 2019
Super Nutmeg - Other (Levels and Beta test)
Sega Dreamcast - Game
Retroguru Oct 2018
Trap Runner - Other (beta-test, support)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Game
Night Owl Design and Retroguru Sep 2018
Hermes - Other
Nintendo 3DS - Game
Retroguru Apr 2017
Xump - The Final Run - Other (Beta-Testing), Other (Leveldesign)
Gamepark GP2X - Game
Retroguru Dec 2013
Giana's Return - Other (Beta-Testing)
Windows - Game
Giana's Return Team and Retroguru Aug 2009

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