Also known as

  • FreddyV

Location: Bouzillé, Département de Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire, France

Freddy was the author of USMPlay, a tool for music replay in ms-dos demos and intros - see the usmp tag for a list of productions that use it.

Author of Mod Master, a MS-DOS multiformat module player.

Member of

Productions (6)

Fleur 3 - Code
MS-Dos - Diskmag
Dilemma May 1999
Fleur 2 - Code
MS-Dos - Diskmag
Dilemma Dec 1998
Preview, The Sequel - Code (sound system) (as FreddyV)
MS-Dos - Demo
Useless Aug 1997
Useless Bomber Games - Code (sound routines) (as FreddyV)
MS-Dos - Game, Musicdisk
Useless Jul 1997
New Horizon - Code (sound system) (as FreddyV)
MS-Dos - Demo
Useless Mar 1997
Use It As An Illusion - Code (music player) (as FreddyV)
MS-Dos - Demo
Useless Nov 1996

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