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2019-05-13 12:30:48 rahow Updated Sly's membership of Apex: changed member to Sly, set as ex-member
2018-11-03 21:44:25 menace Added Sly as a member of Apex
2017-12-16 09:12:05 menace Added credit for Sly on Amiga-blast: Music
2017-04-26 18:56:12 exocet Added credit for Sly on Athletic Twilight Dwarf: Code (launcher)
2017-04-05 13:22:52 exocet Added credit for Sly on Tchi-Tchi: Music
2016-05-28 00:12:03 ltk_tscc Set location to France
2016-05-28 00:11:57 ltk_tscc Updated Sly's membership of Kiki Productions: changed member to Sly