Also known as

  • House of Pain (718)

Location: Oakland Gardens, Queens County, New York, United States


It was at various times called House of Pain (october 1993) and X-Factor (august 1994-april 1995).

5 nodes september 1993, 10 nodes january 1995. It ran for TRSI between september 1993 and august 1994 (6 nodes), for RISC in february 1995, and for Napalm as WHQ between january 1995 and july 1996. It ran for Classic as WHQ in february 1996 (10 nodes).

Blaster was sysop in 1994 and 1995, but it seems later sysop duties of the bbs were passed on to Longshot, who was sysop of it at least in 1996.


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