Rise in Superior Couriering


RiSC was a courier group, originall formed in 1993.

A february 1993 nfo listed CHESSKiNG, Eagle 1, The Enforcer, WayWard (senior staff), Analog Kid, Dr. Insanity, Folksinger, Fiona, Rifleman, Stingray, The Drunkard (senior memebers), Baal Le'Klorin, Bball, Darion, Hurricane, Hades, K0mrad, Prince of Thieves, Red Bear, Red Wizard, Sector 9, Syntax Error (staff members), Chronus, Chuckle Bunny, Count Hackula, CRS, Dalamar, The Ghost Wind, Ice, Marauder, Messenger of Death, Oyl Patch, Polarbear, RetsaM ehT, SixPacK, Skybum, Venom, YaZoO (members), King Lear, Sigmund Freud, Wolverine (console), Alexis Machine, Chainsaw, Crackpot, DJ-Pain, Elektrik ][ce, The G-Man, The Gnostic, Ixcalthar, iNFiLTRaToR, Lord Valgamon, Primal Scream, Ragnarok, Seoman, Shadowfax, Skywalker, Trickster and The WildCard (couriers) as members at that time.

An nfo dated february 26th 1995 welcomed DARK SOUL, MAVERICK, and THE DUTCHMEN as well as "our new Western headquarter, RIP!" and listed Crackpot, Eagle 1, Mikeysoft (senior staff), Bball · Oyl Patch · Star Gazor (coordinators), Alexis Machine, Big Dumper, Black Mantle, Beelzebub, Chaft, Dark Soul, Colt Python, Cruger, Disk Killer, Elvin Nox, Faldo, Hellhound, Jopiter, Legion, Lunatic Genius, Maverick, Myst, Skybum, Stingray6, The Dutchmen, The Dreamer, The Outlaws (traders), Beachboy, CaStero, Chronus, G-Man, Messenger of Death, Milo Minderbinder, Ragnarok, Rude Boy, ShadowFax, Sigh, Technomancer and Wayward (members).

A january 1998 text file announced the formation of RiSCiSO, welcomed Armand, Darklord, Fain, Koyote and Muther as new members, and thanked Native, StoneCrow and The Pep as they were leaving. It went on to list Bizzy, Crisis, Frozen Water, Genocide, Koyote, Morbid, Pele, Shatter Star (ftp team), Fain, Brab, Phasia (bbs team), Fain, Brab, Phasia, Casca, Chronus, Clubber, Cruger, Dalamar, Darklord, Eagle 1, Eci, Eternal, Goro, Grim Reaper, Hades, Hoziris, Inebriated, Kalt, Kapitano, Mace, Malicious, Mach One, Milo Minderbinder, Muther, Prophet, Shadowfax, Sir Aragorn, Slice, Stealth, Stingray 6, Suspicious Image, TBoard, Technomancer and Toth as members at that time.

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