Atari Portfolio Category

spkr - 19:03 30 January 2021 #

Hi guys, is it possible to add the Atari Portfolio as its own platform?

It'd would be greatle appreciated.

superogue - 12:25 31 January 2021 #

+1 here. Also a search by category/platform on the main page would be a nice feature to have

Saga_Musix - 16:46 31 January 2021 #

Please see https://demozoo.org/forums/23/ and in particular the first post there.

The platform currently doesn't qualify as there are only 4 prods.

menace - 07:59 1 February 2021 #

And you can search by platform here: https://demozoo.org/productions/ or by using our advanced search terms like for instance: "desert dream platform:amiga". Do any search, and click on "advanced search help" on the results page for some instructions.

spkr - 22:08 1 February 2021 #

Thanks for the explanation. I guess Ill have to release a portfolio prod then ;)

menace - 04:59 2 February 2021 #

Better do two, to be on the safe side. ;)

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