BBS ads collection

shardik - 18:19 30 October 2020 #

Thanks for doing this guys! What great memories. Had no idea this was here but got to searching around trying to make real the nostalgia from this time for my kids and found it. Very cool!

Shout out to Rad Man for doing clearly lots of work and with whom I chatted (old school like, with voice) a bunch back in day - hope you are well my friend.

Of note, there are a couple awesome multi-page ANSI's for my board Helter Skelter out there somewhere that ACiD folks created. Wish I had archived them as so far they are proving elusive. (speaking of elusive, anyone remember having to call Steve's mom to get an account on ED cuz he worked all the time..pretty sure that happened - so long ago lol)

fenriz - 16:58 12 August 2021 #

looking for my old bbs add FUCKING CHAOS! 666 :D

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