Fix me beautiful

Saga_Musix - 19:26 19 August 2019 #

Just to get some thing straight: Credits on Pouet are tied to user accounts. If a person is not registered at Pouet, no credits can be assigned to them. This is why your credit assignments were rejected on Pouet while Midget had no personal account there. No need to change nicknames because of that, as soon as there are two accounts with the same name you just need to be sure to assign the credits to the correct account. :)

The "other" Midget has no scener profile on Demozoo because she doesn't have any releases, so there is no confusion that needs to be avoided and no prods have to be re-assigned as you requested. All credits on [Midget's profile](https://demozoo.org/sceners/73840/) are assigned to the correct person. When adding an alternative handle, you can make it the default, no need to ask admins to do that. Anyway, I have done that for you. For existing prods, we prefer to keep the nickname the prod was released under, but they will all show up on the same page linked above.

slummy - 18:56 20 August 2019 #

https://demozoo.org/sceners/102926/ can be removed as it's a (typo'ed) dupe of https://demozoo.org/sceners/20207/ :)

100bit - 18:58 20 August 2019 #

slummy, done!

slummy - 08:46 21 August 2019 #

Puola (https://demozoo.org/sceners/8686/) was not a person, it was a music group / project. It also wasn't a "demoscene thing", although the members were sceners.
I got permission to use a couple of the songs from their album Invisible Sightseeing (https://www.discogs.com/Puola-Invisible-Sightseeing/release/2661) for my demos back in the day.

Related, this https://demozoo.org/music/230803/ is not "AMIGA OCS/ECS music" (or "Noisetracker/Protracker" as claimed by Kestra). It's the song "Sunte" from the above-mentioned album, converted & played back using a custom audio streaming format ("like adpcm but shittier").

Saga_Musix - 10:32 21 August 2019 #

Puola has been converted to a group (so members of the group can be added now). I renamed the song and removed the platform tag.

mikro - 06:45 22 August 2019 #

I can't remove the old (lowercase) text files from https://demozoo.org/productions/205747. Please remove them, they come from the old version which was accidentally posted a month ago.

Brittle - 14:31 22 August 2019 #

mikro: done! :)

porocyon - 18:54 22 August 2019 #

Dupe: https://demozoo.org/graphics/198013/ ; https://demozoo.org/productions/204633/

Brittle - 19:11 22 August 2019 #

porocyon: Deleted^

darwin - 05:21 2 September 2019 #

I can't remove dead links from my scener page. I talked Elfwood's creator, and he said he gave up on the site... it's been down for years, just he's keeping the domain pointed to nowhere I guess. When I removed a link the form said I still need to enter something... of course, there's nothing to enter. I did enter a new one or two and tried to put them in alphabetical order after my main homepage/homesite but it seems maybe the Demozoo code puts them in the order you want...

darwin - 05:33 2 September 2019 #

Okay, actually now I got it to work just in an older web browser (surprisingly)... but it seems three scene sites are only listed as 'WWW:' BitFellas, ModLand, and Trax In Space... I also upload art/music to the Internet Archive (archive.org) and code to SlackBuilds (SlackBuilds.org) which have their own favicons you could use but aren't so closely connected with Demoscene...

menace - 06:48 3 September 2019 #

darwin: Well, right off the bat - a link would be nice, so we can actually know what profile you are talking about :)

To delete a link, there is a handy dandy little button to the right of the link in edit mode. Edits to the text are treated as edits to the text.

If a modland link is treated as a "www" then it is likely in a format we don't support, though that should be most of them. What particular mirror did you post the link from? In order to present favicons, the site currently needs to have support for the site in question, otherwise links are presented as www - as you noted.

rahow - 09:11 5 September 2019 #

Hi here... this prod (to delete):

... is in fact this one (to keep):

just change the title as "M - Research of Musicians" for the prod to keep

Thnx ^^

rahow - 09:16 5 September 2019 #

Ooops, another one:

Could you pack those 2 intros please (they are the same):


[note: Jobo and Kuma was involved in the production process but i'm not sure their code was keeped in the intro]

rahow - 09:22 5 September 2019 #

arrglll i see another double file:

this prod (to delete):

is the same as this one (to keep):

Thank you thank you ^^

slummy - 09:24 6 September 2019 #

https://demozoo.org/music/206470/ is a dupe of https://demozoo.org/music/167303/

menace - 03:46 7 September 2019 #

rahow & slummy: All fixed. Some were already handled, in fact :)

slummy - 13:19 11 September 2019 #

Time for a new episode of "Well, actually...." :-D

The text on the TBL info page states that `They were the first group to win The Gathering demo competition two years in a row.`

However, this is only correct if you specify that it was the *same* TG demo compo two years in a row, seeing as
CNCD won the Amiga demo compo in 95 and the PC demo compo in 96. :)

And, of course, CNCD won the PC demo compo there in 97 as well, so that'd put them on equal terms with TBL if you for some reason were to specify "the same compo". (Granted the prize for the PC compo was handed out a few minutes after the one for the Amiga compo, but at that point we're _really_ splitting hairs).

mborik128 - 00:30 16 September 2019 #

Hi, there is group to delete:

For clarification: NAG was not a group, just my alter-ego:

darwin - 02:51 17 September 2019 #

In reply to menace, my profile I was talking about is https://demozoo.org/sceners/39971/ ... didn't realize there were so many darwins now; on in the 1990s on Orange Juice there were only two...

waffle - 17:05 22 September 2019 #

Jukupliut is not a scener. Jukupliut ( https://demozoo.org/sceners/43379/ ) is a subgroup of Jumalauta ( https://demozoo.org/groups/1297/ ).

Jukupliut productions basically are just JML demos that are "suitable for all ages". So you can decide whether it's a different group or just goes under the "also known as" category.

mr.sam - 20:59 2 October 2019 #

please del dup sceners added by my.

pls del this one:

keep this one:

Sorry for that.
Thank You

ltk_tscc - 09:23 3 October 2019 #

mr.sam: done. :)

bifat - 22:33 7 October 2019 #

Bad screenshot added. Please remove for me to replace it with a better one.

alchemist - 11:00 8 October 2019 #

I've got a new version of ASDFGHJKL'S Revenge (https://demozoo.org/music/98752/) with the tempo problems fixed. Not sure how to upload/correct the archives... (turns out I used a tempo setting before it existed, and it threw the whole module out).

alchemist - 14:08 8 October 2019 #

EEC Beef Mountain (marked LOST) https://demozoo.org/music/108799/ is the music on the intro screen for the Kids TV pack... https://demozoo.org/productions/60164/

alchemist - 16:27 8 October 2019 #

Ok... I've ripped EEC Beef Mountain from the original demo... scene.org is down... do you know where I can upload the mod file?

alchemist - 18:04 8 October 2019 #

You can delete this entry: https://demozoo.org/music/123377/ ... it was the placeholder for the winning music in the Great British International ST party. I've now tidied up and linked the correct tune (ASDFGHJKL's Revenge)

ltk_tscc - 20:09 8 October 2019 #

alchemist: mail me the files :) lotekstyle AT lotekstyle DOT de :)

alchemist - 21:41 8 October 2019 #

Will do... Thanks!

ltk_tscc - 17:17 9 October 2019 #

Alchemist: Thanks for the files... upped/replaced and linked :)

mr.sam - 23:11 12 October 2019 #

pls del this:


my fault

Brittle - 08:22 13 October 2019 #

mr.sam: done!

Ramses - 09:31 16 October 2019 #

Please delete https://demozoo.org/sceners/107503/

Brittle - 10:48 16 October 2019 #

Ramses: done.

slummy - 12:29 20 October 2019 #

These two are the same and should be merged:

Also, the spelling of the name should be corrected to "Mainzelmännchen"

menace - 12:46 20 October 2019 #


slummy - 14:46 20 October 2019 #

And as a follow-up:
https://demozoo.org/productions/222997/ and https://demozoo.org/productions/46296/ should be merged.
https://demozoo.org/productions/222996/ and https://demozoo.org/productions/97448/ should be merged.

mr.sam - 19:34 22 October 2019 #

pls del this:

keep this one:

sorry my fault.

menace - 06:54 25 October 2019 #

@slummy: Fixed.
@mr.sam: Seems someone already took care of yours :)

at0m - 13:41 27 October 2019 #

please delete info.txt files (both) and leave only the second screenshots (1:1 aspect with signature) for this graphic: https://demozoo.org/graphics/269410/

Brittle - 14:32 27 October 2019 #

at0m: Done^

ham - 22:09 6 November 2019 #

Please, delete one of the duplicate screenshots in this prod -> https://demozoo.org/productions/269964/
It seems that I am too tired and didn't notice that I was uploading the last screenshot a second time.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks.

exocet - 07:52 7 November 2019 #

Ham: done! Don't worry, we're grateful you're adding screenshots to the database :)

slummy - 14:23 11 November 2019 #

I'm fairly sure that these three releases were made by someone else than the Norwegian Ludde they're currently credited to.

menace - 04:41 12 November 2019 #

I agree. And thus have fixed.

havoc - 12:36 22 November 2019 #

Because you said that calling out someone specificially for "bad" content is not a constructive way to address an issue you'll have to figure out yourself who removed a bunch of "lost" tags from prods without adding a download link earlier today.

jeenio - 15:59 23 November 2019 #

This demo https://demozoo.org/productions/4926/ has music by Jorge, which is me. Can you link that alias to my account as I wasn't able to do that in a easy way? Thanks!

exocet - 16:45 23 November 2019 #

Jeenio: that should be fixed now. Great tune btw :)

jeenio - 17:54 23 November 2019 #

aaww thanks dude! :)

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