menace - 16:56 28 December 2014 #

I found results for a small Swedish pc party in 1998; Command.com. I then proceded to link up some things, and marked the rest as lost since - naturally - few files are readily available. So, Swedish sceners - to your archives!


menace - 17:57 28 December 2014 #

I found results for Escape 1998, and put them on scene.org, along with the only other file in that directory, the invitation text. :)


menace - 12:31 2 January 2015 #

Absolute 1997 was a party held in Lahti, Finland, about which so far little is known. I did manage to locate a resultsfile, which I put on scene.org and which now also is entered into the zoo. A scene.org directory already existed, but the only production inside is a demo - while the results only listed into, graphics and music as compos at this particular party. So, yeah - as is often the case we are still missing a lot of files from this one.

Either way, here's what we know so far;


menace - 07:36 3 January 2015 #

A whole bunch of minor improvements to Assembly 1997, not least that most of the graphics productions now have screenshots and download links. Still, quite a few productions missing, not least music entries.


menace - 21:30 4 January 2015 #

Astrosyn 1997 - did quite a bit of work on this. Some missing Amiga demos that were available elsewhere were archived for posterity, and a thorough investigation into the various audiovisual competitions were made. There are several files missing from all competitions (graphics, raytraced graphics, fourchannel and multichannel music), as well as several files not matched to any entry in the raytraced compo. Everything missing should have been tagged 'lost' so you can easily check against your private collections. It wasn't all bad though; many productions that were not part of the main results were uncovered, so our results are definitely the most complete available anywhjere at the moment. :)


ltk_tscc - 08:54 9 January 2015 #

Euskal 2014 results or not complete... results are on pouet.

dipswitch - 18:09 11 January 2015 #

menace: as soon as i'm back home, i can check about astrasyn '97 - years ago, hakon/whelpz gave me a 10-cd backup of polish scene stuff.

menace - 05:38 15 January 2015 #

dipswitch: \o/

dipswitch - 01:02 16 January 2015 #

just checked, nothing on them from astrosyn97 that would not be on scene.org. sorry :/

Asle - 18:55 16 January 2015 #

well, on my side, I added almost all missing musics, save a couple

menace - 10:51 17 January 2015 #

Asle: Amazing work, thanks for supoorting the site old friend :)

menace - 07:09 21 February 2015 #

Did some extensive work on Fuck-Ya 2 from 1999. No results apparently exist for anything but the c64 competitions, but at least now all the files on scene.org are catered for.


menace - 14:43 26 February 2015 #

Greetings to Hungary! Completed Scenest 1996 results as best I could, including all the non-placed entries that were nevertheless uploaded to scene.org. Especially a huge amount of multichannel and 4 channel music, much of which don't appear to be on Modland, even. If someone feels such is their calling, feel free to complete them on there :)


menace - 06:44 28 February 2015 #

Invasion 1997 was apparently a small Finnish party, which doesn't even have an entry on pouet. It did have a directory on scene.org, containing only the invitation. I dug out the results, but no files seem to have survived - and thus were all marked lost. Let's hope someone out there with an archive of Finnish scene releases proves us wrong. :)


sensenstahl - 08:03 28 February 2015 #


strange this tpolm prod is there but no hint not in the results nor in the files of the intro. https://www.scene.org/dir.php?dir=%2Fmirrors%2Fflerp%2FDEMO.%2797%2FInvasion.%2797%2F64k/

menace - 07:03 1 March 2015 #

Busy morning; YALP 1997 had no results - now it does, and some of the files are matched up. There's a lot of good old 8+3 dos convention naming of the files going on though, so having it all matched up will take some investigation. Get in! :)


Also, Volcanic 1997 had a VERY partial results file in place - I found a more complete one in my archives, and dropped that into scene.org and our results. Still working on it, but expect it all to make a lot more sense during today.


sensenstahl: Not uncommon at all. Sometimes files appear in the wrong directory or even for the wrong party, and sometimes it was disqualified and noone cared to include it in the results files. A million reasons why this happens. Feel free to add it to the competition as unplaced, and link it up :)

Saga_Musix - 22:25 1 March 2015 #

A very recent and astonishing cause of file loss...
Two 8k intros from last year's Revision - <a href="ftp://untergrund.net/users/las/kepler.zip">Kepler by Stroboholics</a> and LNX' entry are missing on scene.org. LNX' entry is completely lost, the Stroboholics entry is available on las' untergrund account at least. I guess we should bother someone from the Revision team to dig up these files, and of course also upload that kepler file to scene.org. :)

menace - 07:23 2 March 2015 #

Saga: Great attention to detail, well done sir :) kepler.zip mirrored on scene.org.

I don't know anyone in LNX unfortunately, but I did find an email address on xtrium's homepage, so I sent him an email pointing to this thread - let's see what happens with that.

Revision orgas are usually super-on-the-ball with uploading stuff as it is available, so it's very possible that LNX requested the prod not be released - but let's see what xtrium has to say.

menace - 07:35 2 March 2015 #

Xtrium confirmed to me by email that this production is unfortunately lost - neither of the LNX members have a copy, and Revision orgas have not found it in their backups. I have tagged it accordingly in the db.

menace - 12:57 5 March 2015 #

Place To Be 1997 - I did a complete check on this French party, and identified a bunch of tunes and non-listed entries in graphics and music competitions - but there remains a whole lot of lost entries, so as usual - should you happen to have some files, let us know!


ltk_tscc - 16:09 5 March 2015 #

menace: my stuff is here:


maybe you can check whats missing on scene.org

pulkomandy - 12:59 6 March 2015 #

I modified PTB 1997 as it happened in Pau, not Mont de Marsan (as said on the archived website which I added a link to - is it ok ot add archive.org links for websites?). I thought all editions happened in Pau, but it seems not. I don't know when they moved.

After the PTB stopped it was "replaced" by the AZERTY Party, but the demoparty aspects of this one didn't work as well and now it's only a gaming party. Some people at the AZERTY club may have archives from PTB or know who to contact.

pulkomandy - 13:00 6 March 2015 #

Link to the azerty club homepage: http://www.azertyclub.com/index.php?pageId=56

pulkomandy - 14:45 6 March 2015 #

http://3430.online.fr/ptb/ has more information, pictures, etc.

It seems there were two demoparties in 1997: "Place to Be" in Pau, and "Netzone" in Mont de Marsan. However Demozoo lists a single party named "Place to Be" with the tagline "Netzone".

menace - 09:24 8 March 2015 #

pulkomandy: Thanks for the efforts! Actually, NetZone does have its separate entry: http://demozoo.org/parties/920/

It would appear the netzone tagline for TPB is in error though, so I've removed that.

menace - 09:26 8 March 2015 #

Oh, and yes, we support WayBack Machine links from archive.org - so please do link up such ones :)

ltk_tscc - 15:52 9 March 2015 #

Menace: You can have a lot of fun here:


This is my complete atari parties archive. Merging this into scene.org?

menace - 19:52 17 March 2015 #

ltk_tscc: It's definitely on my list of "things I must do" - just have about 100 gb of other stuff to get through and archive too ;)

Did a bunch of work on a Hungarian party called Kernel 1997. I mirrored files, located downloads for a few things, added a bunch of credits, a few screenshots, and marked all the rest 'lost' for now. Mostly the graphics and music compos are completely non-existent.


menace - 04:43 24 April 2015 #

I did what I could for Abduction 1994, but there's a bunch of files that had to be tagged lost. About half of the demo competition and 80% of the graphics and music are unaccounted for. Check your archives, upload to scene.org, or just talk to us :)


ltk_tscc - 08:05 24 April 2015 #

NAID 1996 isn't added yet. Results: http://www.pouet.net/party_results.php?which=159&when=1996.

menace - 10:01 24 April 2015 #

ltk_tscc: Well, the party is there - http://demozoo.org/parties/699/ - but not the results, that's correct. I'll see if I can source a clean text version of the results, and get on it this evening :)

menace - 18:10 24 April 2015 #

Doom's Day Party 1994 got some love - not too much missing, except for three out of 4 tools. As usual, let us - or the incoming folder on scene.org - know if you can help complete anything :)


...and then on to NAID 1996!

menace - 20:47 24 April 2015 #

Phew! Here we go - all results entered and all files on scene.org matched. Now, go fill in some screenshots and credits and other metadata and stuff :)

NAID 1996 - http://demozoo.org/parties/699/

sensenstahl - 08:26 4 May 2015 #

artway 2oo8 is now also (complete) at scene.org:

and artway 2oo7 has been filled with its releases:

ltk_tscc - 22:44 9 May 2015 #

Derenegeracja 2015 results and downloads added :)


ltk_tscc - 08:33 19 May 2015 #

Outline 2015 results entered (best match) :)


moqui - 12:37 25 May 2015 #

Missing/lost VIP 2009 and 2010 prods uploaded to scene.org incoming. Received them from BouB.

menace - 19:32 25 May 2015 #

moqui: Thanks a million! Approved them on scene.org now, will make sure they make their way into the database of demozoo during tomorrow (we pull new files once a day, so they should be available by then).

moqui - 06:54 26 May 2015 #

You're welcome. Also trying to get my hands on the missing Deadline 2014 releases…

menace - 20:16 28 May 2015 #

I did a bit of work on the very first Saturne party in France from way back in 1993, so there's that. :)

Quite a few bits and pieces missing, so please do let me know if you find anything in your archives - especially from the graphics and music competitions.


moqui - 09:47 31 May 2015 #

Uploaded the two missing entries of Deadline 2014 to scene.org and untergrund.net with the help of their authors (mbb & myy): http://demozoo.org/parties/2277/

menace - 08:42 1 June 2015 #

moqui: Thanks a million! Approved both files on scene.org, so they should show up on scene.org publicly now.

This is just the sort of dedication to preservation we appreciate amazingly much :)

menace - 08:46 5 June 2015 #

Greetings Poland!

I just did a runover of Gelloween 1994, and the availability of files on scene.org was pretty abysmal. I've matched up what I could, and marked everything else as lost, so feel free to consult your archives to see if you can dig up some of the files :)


ltk_tscc - 12:17 5 June 2015 #

Ok VIP results are new entered:



I am not sure If I always picked the right sceners... so it wuold be nice if some frenchman (orga party visitor) may take a look again to correct things.

menace - 06:58 6 June 2015 #

All files added to VIP as well. :)

ltk_tscc - 17:34 11 June 2015 #

Just learned about this party in DNT Paper 5:


Anybody has more infos about it?

ltk_tscc - 18:53 13 June 2015 #

Zeg provided a couple of Dreamhack 1995 releases:


Just upped them to scene.org... maybe somebody out there has more?

ltk_tscc - 16:23 14 June 2015 #

Finally I was able to reconstruct a little more of the Crystal Summer Convention 2:


Thanks to Brume, Mic, Pandafox, Sink and Drabob who wrote the CSC 2 report in DNT Paper 6 :)

ltk_tscc - 08:18 26 June 2015 #

Just added/uplinked all the parties from Push'n'Pop site: http://pushnpop.net/parties.html ... Maybe the CPC guys are motivated to do more edits now ;)

menace - 10:30 26 June 2015 #

ltk_tscc: Way to go! :)

I did a lot of reconstruction work on Slach 1998 - a fun one, where it seems all the contributions are available, but no official results. So I've pieces together stuff from the files on scene.org (and renamed a few of the files, since the scene.org webfrontend barfed on the non-standard characters). Now, there are some rankings on Pouet, but without knowing a source for those, I am not going to duplicate that information here.

The thing is; this party seemingly had quite a few contributions, from both the Amiga and PC scenes, so I'm SURE there must be a report or two floating around in diskmags from the time. If anyone can point me in the right direction, please do.


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