Ideas for more functions..

velusip - 05:05 17 May 2020 #

Do you think there is any need for a distinction between works _approved-for_ and _used-in_ a production? Such that approved-for is a subtype of used-in. A use-case would be to indicate that music was released as part of a production with the blessings of the original musician rather than possibly borrowed such as in many cracktros. It is sometimes difficult or impossible to determine the origins of some early mod and sid music, but if someone knows for certain (such as the original artist) then this minor detail could reveal some juicy history about the true origins of the piece. Such a distinction could apply in a broad sense to other forms of nested use of works such as entire demo packs, or compilations of music, and not just music, graphics, etc.

The current language "Featured in" for the soundtrack listing section is somewhere inbetween these two terms and would remain the neutral default.

menace - 06:58 17 May 2020 #

I don't see how this could be determined tbh, and I'm also not convinced I see the value. If something was made specifically for a production, then 9 times out of 10 that'd be the one that is the earliest in the listing. And then there's always the comment field for dropping trivia in.

sensenstahl - 07:38 17 May 2020 #

Well but when tracks got listed/credited it would be possible to find out where it came from and see some timeline ( which implies that users in fact add that information(s) ) I personally think that such an option would make things even more complicated than helping anyone. Plus there is also the way of tags where you can create useful lists which also give you a timeline like for example https://demozoo.org/productions/tagged/starport2-ripoff/ if a work is 100% identified as original one can tag it as such like https://demozoo.org/productions/tagged/original-bbs/ (just examples)

mr.sam - 12:03 17 May 2020 #

sorry for my bad spelling.

I'm trying to help adding missing soundtrack information to, mainly Atari ST, productions.

It would be much easier for me to add the missing data, that I know, if there was a corresponding filter option.

velusip - 03:37 18 May 2020 #

Relationship classification certainly wouldn't clutter/complicate the UI, but I understand that the utility of such a feature is very low and will never outweigh the complexity of adding it. I can make it work strictly via a tagging convention as you suggest. (Don't worry, I won't make a mess.) Thank you menace and sensenstahl.

mr.sam - 19:00 18 May 2020 #

OK. Thank you.

a tagging convention would be helpful.

mr.sam - 19:13 18 May 2020 #

there are already two tags 'no-sound' and 'no-music' used.
witch one should used, in case of an not identified soundtrack ?
or a new one?

Saga_Musix - 21:29 18 May 2020 #

mr.sam, I think velusip was not replying to you; unfortunately there were two discussions about soundtracks being spawned at the same time, one by you and one by velusip; none of the replies on this page were about your suggestion. Your suggestion makes sense but someone has to implement it. ;) The only way tags could help with *your* request is by having prods with 'no-sound' / 'no-music' not being listed in that query.

Maybe you could also repeat your suggestion on Github because that's where site development happens: https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues

tomaes - 05:40 19 May 2020 #

To state the obvious: "no-sound" is literally a production with no audio, like it was common for 4k intros in the DOS era. "no-music" should be technically mostly used for games that feature sound fx, but no musical soundtrack; in fact most things tagged with "no-music" should be re-tagged "no-sound"; Unidentified music should best go under "no-music-credits" or something similar.

mirrorbird - 04:58 24 September 2020 #

Hi! I have two suggestions:

1. The circular song playback thing is cute but it should show some info about time. Preferably the current playback position (which would count up as the song plays, of course) and the total. Or the total and the time remaining. The circular progress bar does give an indication but if I want to check whether this is the 4-minute-20-second version I can't currently do that online.

2. (half-joking) Maybe extend the search feature to search the forum posts too, because I had to bother velusip to find out where to post feature requests.

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