Demozoo Hackathon #1

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menace - 11:43 22 February 2017 #

I am excited to present the first ever Demozoo Hackathon! On saturday march 4th, I hope as many as possible of our users will come hang out, and hack on various bits and pieces of Demozoo throughout the day. You in no way need to be a developer to participate, though if we can close a few Github issues along the way, that ntaurally would not be terrible :) But making screenshots, adding information, credits, download links, youtube links, or whatever that is related is more than welcome. And even if you’ve never added anything to Demozoo before, you’re welcome to come hang out, ask questions and get involved.

When I say “hang out”, there is no obligation to participate in social activity if that’s not your thing - but if you do want to do that, we aim to provide several avenues for socialzing;

- Our Slack team. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten Slackin set up yet, so you’ll need to be invited to this. If you want in, please ping us in any way - in this forum, to our Twitter, our Facebook, or whatever, and we’ll send you an invite. Please note that we’ll need a valid email address to send the invite to.

- Video conference. I’ll paste the links here on the forum, and from our twitter and facebook on the morning of the event. We’re using a platform that requires no account or login, so all you’d need is a computer, tablet or phone with a camera. We completely understand if not everyone wants to hang out with video, but it may be a fun and useful new way for us to interact.

- IRC. Our irc-channel #demozoo on ircnet still exists, though it hasn’t seen too much action since we adopted Slack. But it’s a low-barrier place to come hang out, so naturally anyone on there is more than welcome to join in the fun too.

So, with that - hope to see, hear and chat with as many as possible of you on march 4th - and let’s get some stuff done!

cxw - 11:35 23 February 2017 #

\o/ awesome! I am sorry to say I have an all-day event already on that day, so won't be able to join :( . I will email you for a Slack invitation for next time. :)

sensenstahl - 14:39 23 February 2017 #

Sounds fun :)

Dynamika - 14:55 23 February 2017 #

this day I have got a 8 bit event with a concert so its not very nice that it came together, same as cxw will not be able to join unless I resign from the event. If you made it on 3rd would be great.

Dynamika - 15:00 23 February 2017 #

what hours will be held in? I may try to do both

sensenstahl - 16:14 23 February 2017 #

Creonix: I think it is from beer o'clock to beer o'clock :D

menace - 19:59 23 February 2017 #

To clarify a couple of things - There is no set in stone start and stop times, I expect I'll log on stuff and get the video things going when I wake up in the morning. We'll go as long as we have steam! :) There is Instanssi compo night in the evening, so we may want to look at that together if they stream.

As for anyone that can't "attend", I urge you to notice the "#1" in the title. Unless it's a total disaster in all regards, there will likely be more of these in the future, say, every two months or so.

And there's absolutely NO-ONE stopping anyone from hacking on Demozoo things at any other time either, ofcourse :)

cxw - 20:04 23 February 2017 #

what sensenstahl said

cxw - 20:05 23 February 2017 #

By the way, https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3Aeasy-pickings

menace - 08:49 3 March 2017 #

Just one day to go until we hack on Demozoo all day long tomorrow, Saturday. Our good friends at Instanssi are also having their 2017 edition this weekend, so it's highly probable we'll watch the streams together, provided there is one :) https://instanssi.org/2017/english/

Our main "hub" for discussion wil still be our Slack team (poke us for an invite on fb/twitter/irc/here!), but there is no obligation to join it naturally - feel free to tag along on any of our other social platforms like Facebook, we'll likely set up a video chat thing (link tomorrow) or even irc.

We can't wait :)

menace - 07:31 4 March 2017 #

Today is the day! After a good, healty breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, strong black coffee and Byterapers' Hyperventilation, we are ready to get workin' on some Demozoo business :)

As repeatedly mentioned, poke us for access to our Slack team if you're not already on there.

ltk_tscc - 09:33 4 March 2017 #

Note to everybody who wants to add stuff... when adding productions it would be very nice if you always add external links to the other databases around (pouet, csdb, kestra bitworld). Thanks in advance :)

cxw - 01:50 6 March 2017 #

So what happened? It looks like maybe gasman did some back-end updates, and a lot of data went in :) . What else?

ltk_tscc - 17:12 7 March 2017 #

I think Menace has some statistics :) To be honest I expected a bigger flood of data and informations.

menace - 06:32 9 March 2017 #

I didn't particularly keep tabs on the numbers, but I think we saw about 3 x the additions and activity we see on a normal day. This very first edition wasn't about development so much as gathering a bunch of people together and hacking on the bits that mattered to each individual person - and in that respect we succeeded massively. In the build-up we also saw a bunch of new people asking to join the Slack team, and a general uptick in new followers on twitter and so forth. So, I would say, as a general community-building event, the first edition was a massive success.

There were no back-end updates, and to be honest - that would be a downright stupid thing to deploy on what we expected to be our busiest day so far this year :) There is lots in the pipeline on the technical side though, so keep watching the Github in the weeks to come.

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