Uncrunched intro ?

rahow - 10:00 3 January 2018 #


I'm fade up with antivirus false positive on 64k/4k intros... i cannot run my fave ones because of this -___-

I wonder if it's possible to uncrunch them to make my AV stop send them to quarantine/delete ??

Or maybe some of them could already be download uncrunched (mainly Farbrausch intro, or the Fermi paradox for exemple) ?

That could be cool if uncrunched version of an intro could be available ---> we don't care if the size is not 4 or 64k anymore outside the compo ^^

Saga_Musix - 14:33 3 January 2018 #

No, it's not possible to simply undo the compression. However, you can simply add your demo folder to the exception list of your AV software so that it stops complaining.

menace - 06:35 4 January 2018 #

rahow: In fact, there is a project under the Demozoo umbrella for just this kind of thing - https://github.com/demozoo/open_depacker - though we're a little ways off yet. The part about antivirus false positives is definitely a valid one in this respect too.

rahow - 08:54 4 January 2018 #

Saga Musix: "However, you can simply add your demo folder to the exception list..." <-- i already done this but i cannot unpack or run the intro without seen my AV blocked it...

Menace: ok i will watch this through, thx for the tip

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