Upload to scene.org by creating a folder as an artist

Yomaru_Kasuga - 01:12 12 January 2019 #

Hey, guys! I need your help that...
I asking the questions are...
How to upload to scene.org to their incoming folder?
For current folder of /incoming, how to create a folder as an artist?
How to upload any modules to my artist folder?

Brittle - 07:06 12 January 2019 #


Do you have an FTP client installed on your computer? If not, then download and install FileZilla (for example) then follow the steps above that link after that.

sensenstahl - 08:28 12 January 2019 #

And remember: You can't delete the uploaded files by yourself. So better check twice before hitting that upload button :)

Yomaru_Kasuga - 22:17 12 January 2019 #

I used AndFTP for android os to upload more modules as well.
I uploaded my modules to incoming folder... (for example... redoctober.zip including the separating .txt file as the same name) then it will be waiting to move an uploads to /pub/music/artists/, but I cannot see a new artist that I create my folder name of "yomaru_kasuga" in there...

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