Pictures of Demo disks

Ramses - 21:16 4 May 2020 #

In the good old days (and sometimes even today) some groups gave out floppy disks of their releases with special designed labels.
Is it allowed or wanted to add pictures/scans of these disk to the releases?

menace - 07:30 5 May 2020 #

Sure, i think a picture of the label is a good thing to have attached - though I'd also prefer if we manage to secure a high quality scan for posterity - Got Papers should probably get a copy of that. I believe Dip is who introduced us at Revision when we met a few years back, so I guess you got that angle covered?

But yes, cover scans welcome.

dipswitch - 12:42 6 May 2020 #

i think it's a great idea - and yes, i'd love to have 300dpi scans of them for gotpapers.

Ramses - 20:43 6 May 2020 #

I'm browsing through my disk collection over the next few days and scan anything worthy next week.

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