Lovebyte 2021 - Where size matters

superogue - 16:24 20 December 2020 #

Join us in a celebration of the smallest with a dedicated sizecoding demoparty/event, held on the weekend of 12-14th march 2021

We'll be online streaming with different size competitions from the smallest to the even smaller. From 256 pixel graphics and nanogame competitions to bytebeat music competition.

Or what about cool size-coded related seminars to get you started, Roundtable, DJ Sets and many other events?

This is the one event where size does matter! Don't miss it! Open to all platforms.

- Lovebyte. Where size matters.


exocet - 19:51 25 December 2020 #

Nice concept for a demoparty!

superogue - 11:36 31 December 2020 #

Ofcourse no graphics compo is complete without an awesome exocet entry ;-) Pick your resolution: 16x16, 32x8, 8x32 or 21x12

exocet - 11:10 7 January 2021 #

Yes, this should be a fun challenge so I'm planning to come up with something!

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