Sinclair QL Platform Category

spkr - 09:40 30 May 2021 #

Hi there guys,

Id like to request the sinclair QL seperate platform category. Ill submit my production, and then there should be 3 demos ;)


spkr - 13:17 30 May 2021 #

Current prods count is 3: https://demozoo.org/productions/tagged/sinclair-ql/ I think it warrents its own enumeration value :)

ltk_tscc - 13:39 3 June 2021 #

If you manage to get 10 prods together we will add it :) That's the magic number somebody set in ancient times of Demozoo :)

spkr - 16:51 3 June 2021 #

Right. Well son, for an archiving site, I am disappoint.

spkr - 16:55 3 June 2021 #

(For the sake of completion, I just checked the other request I did, and it seems the magic number is 5?)

menace - 04:26 4 June 2021 #

spkr: There's method to the madness; the reason we decided to put a limit on it was to keep the selection dialogs sane. While I totally get everyone want their pet platform in there, if we did that we'd end up with like 300 platforms, making the dropdown selector something of a nightmare.

Make about 7 demos about it, and come back, we'll see :)

spkr - 08:37 4 June 2021 #

You're describe a UI problem, not an archiving / enumeration / modelling problem. One can simple categorize them correctly and hide enumeration values in the dropdown if they dont meet certain criteria; group them under `other' for search purposes and provide detailed information when viewed in detail. This way you would not hide information of have these discussions. Of course, this would require some effort to seperate UI from the underlying model, which may require development effort that you may not want to spend; because spkr is probably just ranting.

Other than that, even if I were to put in effort and crank out said demo's, there would probably be argument about whether or not they would meet the criteria. It seems there are arbitrary criteria that need to be met, that mostly smell like `whatever we decide' (e.g. 10 prods, 5 prods, 7 prods, and then we'll see).

I understand there is some reasoning behind this all, that fully support your views. I thought of myself, whats wrong with adding `all platforms'; which of course indicate my naive view of platform. In this case, I would refer to actual micro computers being released, whereas any kind of custom hardware of course could be a demoscene platform; so there goes my naive understanding :). Although, if you would consider the main purpose of archiving, and not UI pleasure, I think my point has some merit; and considering your argument, I think my initial paragraph details how both views can coexist. But it could very well be you see no value in my suggestion.

Anyhow, long story short; with retro machines that have had a relatively widespread distribution of numbers over the world; I would prefer it if they could be entered correctly into the system, in such a way that archiving (categorization) would be done correctly, and not require future rework by converting tags to categories. This would also enable possibilities to provide the information that support browsing, rather than direct searches.

Penny for my thoughts. If you really are that much about 7 prods, Id gladly fart out 7 scrollers with different text. But we all know thats not what you guys view is about. What really your view IS about (I think...), has probably relevance to some kind of indication that there is a scene around the platform that would perptually provide entries over time (possibily indication value of seperate categorization), and not some oneoff production and a whiney bitch asking for proper archiving :).

Thanks for reading the post, Ill leave it at this and not make any more requests or investments into the subject.

g0blinish - 08:03 13 August 2021 #


spkr - 11:12 27 July 2022 #

Did another QL release in april, and another one is coming up this weekend :). Does that warrent for a category yet; almost; perhaps?

spkr - 11:07 31 July 2022 #

Here we go: https://demozoo.org/productions/311205/

spkr - 00:49 16 November 2022 #

Here we go: https://demozoo.org/productions/315352/

Can you make it so yet?

spkr - 10:38 20 November 2022 #

Here we go, some more:

Can we make it so yet?

100bit - 12:43 26 November 2022 #

https://demozoo.org/platforms/95/ yes.

spkr - 13:11 26 November 2022 #

Much appreciated! Awesome!

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