Musical module which was showing the animation from the notes

Dynamika - 22:05 23 January 2023 #

Can you give me any tune for the tracker which was going backward, forward and showing the pictures like an animation?

phoenix - 23:05 23 January 2023 #

Well, there are a few that go backwards in the patterns or have sample text animations, but this recent one is well known for it:


Ramonb5 - 11:02 29 January 2023 #

I always very much like this one : https://youtu.be/mC-HH_W4pbs

lnghxl - 10:43 31 January 2023 #

https://demozoo.org/music/241804/ also comes to mind.

Axxy - 11:02 31 January 2023 #

There are some of Strobes modules that contain pattern scrolling art, not sure how many others contain them though. I first noticed them and posted at AMP about a couple of them. They are .XM's and look good in the pattern window of XMPlay or played in Milkytracker.


la_mettrie - 10:27 26 March 2023 #


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