Lost and found

Laffik - 21:56 20 April 2022 #

Superb module "Slave of Techno" by Michael R. of Mayhem was found in my archives after tagged lost on Demozoo.

I've uploaded it to my website and added link to Demozoo.

Song was published on Polish Autmn Party 1993.




exocet - 19:11 21 April 2022 #

Thanks a lot for sharing, sir! The file should be backed up on scene.org very soon.

Great module indeed :)

Laffik - 23:57 21 April 2022 #


tero_risti - 09:21 26 October 2022 #

Discmaster, a new to to start searching the lost files from the Internet Archives..

Here's the announcement:

And here jump right to the search tool:

Happy digging..

tero_risti - 20:44 2 February 2023 #

Just found file archive for Satellite 2000 Party https://demozoo.org/parties/979/

Many "lost" tagged productions (4ch music compo, wild demo compo, ..) are now found and much much more contributions are there outside the results.. I'll update the entries soon.

If someone can update scene.org, would be nice..


menace - 04:32 3 February 2023 #

tero_risti: Nice find! I'll get on that later today.

ps1ch - 13:46 16 March 2023 #

Hello everybody,

I'm the PS1 Cracktro Historian (https://www.youtube.com/@ps1cracktrohistorian/).

For several months, I'm fixing, restoring and adding new PS1 cracktro productions on demozoo. My ultimate goal is to create a complete database on demozoo with all PS1 cracktros that were released. I know, it's ambitious :D

A while ago, I came across a huge PS1 patches archive with many patches that I didn't find elsewhere, meaning it has a great potential for unseen cracktros! Unfortunately, I don't have access to it and that's where you can hopefully help.

The files are stored in a newsgroup. When you go to binsearch.info, switch to "advanced search" and use the following search settings:

Query: selector
Newsgroup: alt.binaries.boneless
Maximum ago of post: show all

... it will find about 700 "PAL/NTSC Selector" patches for the PS1. However, there are not only "selector" patches online. The newsgroup also contains other types of patches, such as trainers. To find all patches, perhaps it's most reliable to also search for groupnames, such as "Kalisto", "Paradox", "Lightforce" and so on.

If anyone is able to download those patches, upload it to another location from where I can download it, I will extract the cracktros, upload them to the scene.org file archive, record videos and add pages for them on demozoo.

Crossing fingers someone can help :)

menace - 11:36 17 March 2023 #

ps1ch: We're on it.

menace - 09:11 18 March 2023 #

ps1ch: OK, we got the files. If you wouldn't mind coming on to our Discord server (link at the bottom of the page), and coming to the #diskdumping channel there we'll get you set up.

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