I need tutorial to made a 64k intro.

QBI - 08:55 16 August 2023 #

I have SGZ Intro Editor.
To make demoscene I must made a scenes
and textures, but I haven't where
make scenes.
Do you help me?

QBI - 11:20 16 August 2023 #

I made demo alone.

QBI - 11:20 16 August 2023 #

I must made demo alone. I'm write wrong.

QBI - 11:21 16 August 2023 #

I'm writed wrong, again.

FlashyLamer - 13:12 16 August 2023 #

Again, you should never make people "join" your demogroup by adding them to your demogroup's memberlist without them knowing.

QBI - 17:19 16 August 2023 #

I'm not make people to "join" to my group. I have group with cousins and friends. I made 64k intro alone for now.

QBI - 17:20 16 August 2023 #

I mading 64k intro alone for now. Again I writed wrong.

QBI - 17:21 16 August 2023 #

I'm have an error of writing.

QBI - 17:21 16 August 2023 #

I'm from Poland.

QBI - 17:21 16 August 2023 #

Often I have a mistake.

menace - 20:31 17 August 2023 #

QBI: We have tried emailing you to clarify why your previous attempts at adding information was deleted, and your profile locked. It seems clear you might have misunderstood some basic concepts about how the demoscene works. In your past attempts at adding yourself to the database you also added affiliations and members who you were clearly not in any way affiliated with.

There are lots of tutorials and software here, on scene.org, on Pouët, and elsewhere - and there are several Polish demoparties every year. Xenium in Łódź is coming up later this month, even. https://xenium.rocks/en/ - I suggest going to that or one of the others, meeting people, and learning that way.

gasman - 00:11 21 August 2023 #

QBI: Since you've ignored all our attempts to communicate with you and continued spamming the database, please enjoy your permanent ban.

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