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Galahad - 16:53 19 May 2024 #

Aloha all, Galahad / Scoopex here, wheres the best place to upload files to so that I can link them on Demozoo?

Got some Sprint UK stuff to add, but not sure where I can upload the actual productions themselves.

Ta in advance

menace - 17:35 19 May 2024 #

scene.org is happy to take the files. Upload via anonymous ftp, put in the appropriate directory (I would guess /demos/groups/sprint for this) and we'll take it from there.

Galahad - 20:29 19 May 2024 #

Thanks for that, think i've got it figured. Cheers

asle - 12:09 20 May 2024 #

I've also added those two musicdisks on amigascne.org and on Kestra:
Please report if you got more :) Also, some background information about this "new" Chrome from Wales would be welcome !

Galahad - 19:58 20 May 2024 #

Nice one.

He was only in Destiny and Sprint UK as Chrome.

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