argasek - 12:58 27 January 2014 #


I wonder how to provide an accurate data for this entry:


It was a cooperation between me (Argasek/The ImPLosion) and Impexus (he either wasn't in any group at that time, or I simply forgot the name). However, after my edit it looks like Impexus was in IPL too, which is untrue.

Is there anything I can do about it?


Saga_Musix - 13:58 28 January 2014 #

Not at the moment, no. The issue has been brought up before but to fix it, some major changed would have to be done and agreed upon first. For the time being, You can either leave out the group information or add it nevertheless and assume that people are smart enough to figure out that you were part of the group (as it can be seen on your profile) and that Impexus wasn't (as it should be clear from their profile). :)

menace - 05:58 29 January 2014 #


argasek - 20:20 1 February 2014 #

Saga_Musix, menace: thanks for the input!

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