Delete productions

Imo - 09:45 19 March 2014 #

It should be possible to delete productions. :-)

ltk_tscc - 16:22 19 March 2014 #

Nope it shouldn't be because people would go crazy and delete what they want... the results would be a mess. If you want something deleted please post in our fix me beautiful thread here :)

Imo - 21:27 19 March 2014 #

You won´t need a "fix me beautiful" option if you give the people who created the software content the ability to keep their own things okay by theirself, deleting things included. ^^

menace - 05:37 20 March 2014 #

Allowing more control over one's "own" profile and productions is a planned feature, however actual delete priveleges are a controversial feature. I guess there will be a broader discussion on the theme once we are closer to implementing that. As with anything, if this feature is important to you, consider contributing code to accomplish it.

Imo - 08:08 20 March 2014 #

I am coding for the Atari. I have no clue how to do other code. demozoo itself is a great thing, but it may also worry people to see things shown that should probably not. :-)

menace - 08:44 20 March 2014 #

Then you talk to us, and we'll make sure it's presented accordingly.

Imo - 11:58 20 March 2014 #

Please tell us an email address to be able to get in easy contact with you if needed. This is important for requests that should not be published in the forum when containing personal data for example. ^^

dipswitch - 23:16 20 March 2014 #

I am absolutely opposed to giving out deleting privileges to non-admin users, _especially_ to the original software authors, because they are the ones who are likely to tamper around with their own past, delete demos they are nowadays too embarassed of, etc.

Imo - 05:28 21 March 2014 #

Demozoo.org should be a place of friendship and quality. Catching anything from anyone without asking not willing to respect the authors by worrying they could resist some of their work looks a bit too strange to me. O.o

tomaes - 08:20 21 March 2014 #

It's amazing enough that anyone can add screenshots and add prods and credits unchecked. :)

While private data can certainly be removed at request, a blanket do-what-you-want feature for normal users will never happen on any reasonable database driven site ever.

dipswitch - 11:30 21 March 2014 #

Imo, what do you mean by "catching anything from anywhere"? I spend nights browsing through old infofiles, adding credits and memberlists.

Imo - 12:53 21 March 2014 #

Adding 20 years old "data" may fill up the pool, but I expect it to be not too helpful and maybe a surprise for the ones who wrote the lines so long ago (which may never be written in expectation of being read onine 20 years later). Prefer to use actual info data of the last three years maybe to keep things up to date. ^^

dipswitch - 15:08 21 March 2014 #

This is getting offtopic, but I think we have fundamentally different concepts of what is supposed to be going on here. I see demozoo's priority definitely in the realm of "20 year old data", as in preserving pre-internet scene history that is escaping from us. I don't see any potential for "harmful" "surprise" caused for the original protagonists of the scene - at least in my work, I don't transfer any personal information such as realnames or phone numbers from old infofiles or disks into this database. Preserving the group structures and prod data, however, on the contrary does justice to the efforts of those who invested countless hours back in the old days to be creative - it's for their tribute that we make this project happen. At least this is my understanding of what's going on here. And the possibility for every user to delete whatever they (dis)like, and thus to alter history itself, has no place in this understanding.

Imo - 21:22 21 March 2014 #

"I don't transfer any personal information such as realnames or phone numbers from old infofiles or disks into this database."

You do not? Then someone else maybe. My real name already found its way into the data base...

dipswitch - 22:29 21 March 2014 #

I only do if there is proof that the person uses his realname freely in a demoscene context (for example, if he puts his realname AND his nick on a personal webpage). Otherwise, I do not. I don't know how yours got into the database - if you are unhappy with it, please let us know and we'll delete it with a special note that it shouldn't get re-added.

dipswitch - 22:29 21 March 2014 #

(in fact, I just noticed that I don't even know your handle... :P

ltk_tscc - 17:50 23 March 2014 #

Well Imo is Omikronman: http://demozoo.org/sceners/39702/

I removed your realname... but you never made any secret out of it... google is full of examples with your realname.

Imo - 07:51 24 March 2014 #

Imo is my nick name in the irc of atari home. :-)

de_Tiges - 20:22 23 March 2017 #

im merge my product to this profile:

please delete empty profile:

de_Tiges - 20:23 23 March 2017 #

ughh.. too many windows :) im write my info in correct topic. sorry :)

FedePede - 21:39 25 March 2017 #

i also think that it should be possible to delete what you self uploaded.

spiny - 15:43 30 April 2017 #

I disagree, deletion of anything should be an admin only option.

tlb - 18:47 27 January 2019 #


please delete the dupes under


keep the ones with pictures ...


menace - 02:51 30 January 2019 #

tlb: I answered (and fixed) your other post. Hopefully that resolves things. :)

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