• ASCII Collection

Set Your Goals

by Misfit / Honey

Advert for Final Impact, Interchange, Last Resort, Prophet's Hold, The Slammer

  • Released 5 November 1995


Know something about this production that we don't?

Filename: hny-goal.txt

Contains logos in several categories;

Part One - for groups; TRSI (for Shade!^Darkelf), Tronix (for Aragon), Pioneer Design and PD_Id (for C-Real), THG Technology file_id.diz (for Woober), Da Lench Mob (for Core), Element (for Ventura), Folkfronten Mot Hiphop FMHH (for Morgoth), Oldskool (for Princip), Hooligans (for Dale^X3M), Visage (for Bird).

Part Two - for boards; Magic (for Oden), Everyware (for Shade!^Darkelf), The Payoff (for Scarface), Zombie Zoo (for DJ Gizmo), Time Zone (for Aragon), Terra Firma (for Acid Kid), Pitstop (for Sealapex), Blue Zone (for Kidnix), The Board (for Sys/HLM), Repulse (for Silencer), Trade Station (for Black Panther), Eternity (for Woober), Dark Zone (for The Yench), No Shuffle (for Exner), Permanent Vacation (for Mic Flair), Beyond Reality (for Mic Flair), Fantazia (for Mic Flair), 13 Hour (for Mic Flair), Total Recall (for Mic Flair), Outher Limits (for Mic Flair), Insomnia (for Ventura), Wet Dreams (for Morgoth), Arctic-Circle (for Nup), Sweet Dreams (for Canaan), Another World (for Joc), Castle Mania (for Joc), Twin Peaks (for Lacoste), Free Zone (for Puffin Pig).

Part Three, Persons - Shade (for Shade!^Darkelf), Vietcong, Scarface, Sprocket, Aragon, Stratos, Recall, Kaneda, C-Real, Stylez, Discotizer, Silencer, Hurricane, Princip, Nup, Chrombacher, Mess and Wishbringer.

Part Four, Names - Books of Blood (for Vietcong), Smells Like Napalm (for Vietcong), Gandhi Suger Pung (for Vietcong), Neurotic Disease file_id and logo (for Sprocket), Concrete Roots (for Stratos), The Sign (for C-Real), Honky Dory (for Cyclone), Toy Machine x 2 (for Dale^X3M) and /X Controll (for Cyclone).

Part Five, board stuff - Amiga (for Shade!^Darkelf), Menu (for Ventura), Download (for Ventura), Upload (for Ventura), Amiga Elite (for Joc), PC Elite (for Joc), Compo (for Bird), X-Rated (for Exeron^Maniac), Requests (for Exeron^Maniac), BBS Utils (for Exeron^Maniac), New Users (for Exeron^Maniac), Plug ^ Play (for Exeron^Maniac), Porno (for Exeron^Maniac), Ascii and Ansi (for Exeron^Maniac), Coding (for Exeron^Maniac), Most Wanted (for Exeron^Maniac), Weektop (for Exeron^Maniac).


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