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Princip was a modemtrader and sysop.

Princip left Cytax for New Wave. The february 1992 diskmagazine R.A.W 2 reported that Interchange was opened for New Wave. European Top 20 1 (july 1992) reported he joined Shining 8, then he joined Crystal in september. Next stop was Kefrens, before he was dismissed due to a new all-Danish policy in that group. He then went to Ministry. He was in Delirium in july of 1994, then appeared on the Rebels memberlist between in october. He was in Motion in september of 1995, in Euphoria in may of 1996, and in Fairlight in september of that year.



Nopack 37 - Other (Supply)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Pack
Noxious Apr 1992

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