• ASCII Collection

In Contrast of Sin

by Humane and Vanity

Advert for Killing Time, South Central

  • Released 13 May 1994


Know something about this production that we don't?

Contains description logos for 2000 AD, 5th Dynasty, Anthrox, Crystal, Classic, Comax, Delight, Extreme, Fairlight, Global Overdose, Heavy Cool Cracks, Hoodlum, Humane/Vanity, Kingdom, Legend, Lemon, Loons, LSD, Mystic, Outlaws, Paradox, Phun, Radiance, Razor 1911, Romkids, Skid Row, Tristar/Red Sector, Tristar/Zenith, and board logos for Bad Moon Rising (for Lonewolf), Cosmo AD 2000 (for G O D), Crazy Train (for Paranoid), Dark Domain (for Tin Man), End of the World, Fraggle Rock (for Streetfighter), Hang Loose (for Marksman), Illuminatus (for Netrunner), Inside Out, Judge, Maniac Mansion (for Crazy Creep), Marantz (for The Rookie), Mea Culpa (for Pennywise), Mortuary, Pirates Haven, Priority One (for Norske), Slamdance Central (for Stussy), South Central (for Raiden), Somewhere Online (for Hellhound), Suicidal Tendency (for Del & Kick), Susperia (for Zany), Throne Chamber (for Necrarch), other logos for Amiga, PC, Bulletins, Conferences, Main Menu, Uploading, Leeching, Chokehold (for Jeff), DTMF (for Jeff) and Scene, and big group logos for Humane and Vanity, Hoodlum, Kingdom and Romkids.


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