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Ambush (preview)

by Jok / Dreamweb


Know something about this production that we don't?

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s_t_s - 12:22 1 October 2017 #

Amazing as always ! I wish you would complete pictures though as it seems most of your contributions are WIP that never reach completion :( I would love to know for instance how you planned to polish it, with a smooth dithering as in the woman's neck or with big block as on her forehead ?

jok - 19:13 1 October 2017 #

I wish that too ;) - And: never say never :D.
In this particular one - I wanted to do cluster shading (I just love clusters) in most places. But when I tried it on cheeks it looked just to raw and not smooth enough for delicate skin. So finally in some places there are clusters - in other lets say 'manual dither' - and mix of two in between. As you already noticed - its unfinished as always. And to be honest I'm not very happy with the result.
I saved enough work-stages to make timelapse of process, so final result with steps will be published somewhere later (on DA for example: https://jokov.deviantart.com)

Elko - 07:37 4 October 2017 #

Very nice, as always ;-) dithering like on the left side of the face could be a plus, but the unfinished result is a worthy winner. The man of the unhappy faces ... <3

Elko - 07:38 4 October 2017 #

B.t.w. great Color-Table ...

jok - 18:22 8 October 2017 #

Thanks ... and thanks :)
For me it's very important part - I always start picture working on palette - even if it ends with complete different one.