Co dwie glowy to nie jedna

by Dreamer / Joker

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Brittle - 22:24 2 September 2018 #

Btw, this one was originally made in 2016 for an issue of Shots magazine, according to Dreamer's personal website.

svoy - 11:52 3 September 2018 #

Yeps, I was just going to write it. I'm a bit confused to be honest, if this (commercial work, paid and released to public in the past) should be used as an entry to a demoscene party contest.

Brittle - 16:04 3 September 2018 #

I'm either confused as well, it's the second time he did this. Tbh, I would prefer to see him create another new art at the party instead of actually using an already existing (commercial) work as an entry. Maybe I guess the reason is that he didn’t have time to illustrate a new one.

And no, I don't mean to drag him down from what I've said above.