Cute Childs Looking At Ugly Adults

by Hylst / NoExtra

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hylst - 14:40 22 August 2021 #

My entry for the Atari ST Graphics Compo for Silly Venture 2k20 (+1)
as Hylst from No Extra :

No Extra Torment - CuTe ChiLdReN LoOkiNg aT UgLy aDuLtS


System : Atari ST
Colors : 16 Colors with restricted palette
Resolution : 320 x 200
Software used : Mainly Crack Art and ST-Paint then Aseprite for finer shading.
Details : Done for a WIP Atari ST demo with a changing painting / frame in the central part and many animations in the background and from the children.
Not really finished as long as it should evolve by parts according to the demo and motivation / time.