by Fatal / Epsilon Design

  • Released 18 September 1994

Features logos for the bbs'es 1st Offence, 4AM Club, 4th Dimension, 79th Trac, Above The Law, Acid Dreams, Alcatraz, Alter Ego, Altered Dimensions, Altered Reality, Amimadness, Amiga Does It Better, Amiga East, Amiga International, Amiga Mania, Amiga Network, Amused Death, Anarchy Inc., Apocalypse, Arkham Asylum, Assault & Battery, Back Door, Bad Boy Club, Bears Den, Beyond Death, Beyond Paradise, Bigfoot's BBS, Black Forest, Black Plague Bogus Exception, Boiler Room, Boneheads, Broom Closet, Buccaneer's Den, Bulldog's Friend, Canadian Mist, Cartell, CD Exchange, Cell Block, Cemetary, Central Division, Central Nervous System, Centrum, Ceti Alpha Six, Channel 708, Chaotic Entity, Child's Play, Chronos, Coliseum, Complex Corrosion, Concept Elite, Cool World, Courts of Chaos, Crack House, Creeping Death, Criminal Connect, Cryptic Den, Crypt of Eternity, Cybertech, Cyborg Command, Danse Macabre, Dark Church, Dark Domain, Dark Mirror, Dark Moon, Dark Tower, Darkness Within, Datastorm, Dawn of Eternity, Dawns End, Dead On Time, Dead Zone, Deep Freeze, Defcon 5, Defiant Ones, Desperate Reality, Destiny, Destruction Realm, Destroyer's Den, Devil's Den, Devil's Triangle, Diabolicial Sabotage, Digital Candy, Digital Extasy, Digital Illusions, Disk Shop, Doc's House, Dog House, Double Impact, Double Vision, Dreaming City, Dragons Lair, Echo A Call On, Electric Dreams, Eleventh Hour, Elite Xchange, Elusive Dream, End of the World, Eternal Torment, Extinct, Fastrax, FBI BBS, The Fiend Club, Final Eclipse, Fires of Hell, Flaming Death, Flatliners, Flight of Icarus, Forbidden City, Forgotten Realms, Forum, Fun Factory, Gameshop, Gates of Asgard, Gateway to Infinity, The Ghetto, Ghost Shadow, Great White North, Greyhaven, Guru Heaven, Hack's Shack, Hades, Hangar 18, Harmonic Convergence, Harpoon, Hack's Shack, Hard Wired, Haunted Forest, Heinous Demise, Hemispheres, Hemp House, HMS Bounty, Hollow World, Honour Among Thieves, Hornet's Nest, Horus BBS, Horror Zone, Hotel Amiga, House of Donation, House of Lubrication, House of Magic, House of Pain, Hustler's Haven, Ice Station Zebra, Icewind Dale, Illicit Illusion, Inferno, Infinite Illusion, Inner Sanctum, Inquisition, Internal Affairs, International Chaos, Intruder's, Junkyard, Kings Ransom, Late Nite, Left of Center, Lethal Dose, Light Speed, Light Years, Link To Perfection, Liquid Assets, Lite House Express, Lithium, Living Dead, Loc'd Out Hood, Lost Dutchman Mine, Lost In Time, Lost Patrol, Lost Souls Domain, Madhouse, Maelstorm, Magic Shop, Magnetic Madness, Main Source, Martyrium, Mass Media, Masturbation Station, Maxxed Out, Mega Lo Mania, Menace II Society, Middle Earth, Minor Threat, Big Boss, Mortuary, Mozart Mansion, Mr. Bill's Abode, Mystery Tour, Mystic Places, Necropolis, Needful Things, New Jack City, New World Order, Nightfall, Nirvana, No Carrier, Obituary, Operation Mindcrime, Orions Bet, Outback, Outland, Overdose, Pacific Oasis, Pair O' Dice, Pale Rider, Panic Zone, Pantheon, Paranoid Illusion, Performers Best, Perhelion, Phoenix, Pirate's Heaven, Planet X, Plato's Place, Point Blank, Poisoness Venom, Powerhouse, Power Station, The Posse, Prayer Gate, Pretty Hate Machine, Prime Directive, Prime Time, Primitive Future, Programmers World, Prowl's Palace, Psycho Terminal, Psychosis, Puragatory, Razors Edge, Realm of Chaos, Red Flag, Red Rum, Red Sector, Red Watch, Reign In Blood, Revelation, RFO, Ripco, Road To Nowhere, Robins First Orgasm, Rock Embassy, Sanctuary, Sanitarium, Sarcophagus, Satan's Place, Sherwood Forest, Skull Buggery, Skull Island, Sleepless Nights, Snakes Den, Snarf's Pub, Social Disease, Spatula City, Spaztic, Special Forces, Spectral Forces, Spitfire, Static Rave Zulu, Steel Dream, Stormbringer, Sturmfeuer, Styleetron, Subzero, Switch Board, T Minus Zero, Tapped Keg, Tempest Thunderstorm, Terminal Disaster, Terminal Frost, Thaumaturgy, The Addiction, The Apparition, The Association, The Carnival, The Clinic, The Crows Nest, The Edge, The Empire, The Enquisition, The Ghetto, The Hole, The Inner Sanctum, The Jungle, The Legend Support BBS, The Net, The Oasis, The Otherside, The Outer Limit, The Pit, The Pitch, The Quandry, The Riot Zone, The Spawl, The Underground, The underground (916, The Unforgiven, The Vault, Thunderdome, Time Trials, Tone Town, Total Eclipse, Total Recall, Tower of Sorcery, Toxic Insult, Trash City, Triniti, Ultimate Amiga, Underwares, Unlawful Entry, USS Enterprise, Utopia, Uzi Suicide, Venus On The H. Shell, Vertigo, Vicious Circle, Warez Depot, Warez For The Masses, Wild Side, Wild Space, Wild Warez, Wizard's Palace, World Chaos, World of Wonder, Wrath of Khan, Wreck House, X Factor, Zero Visibility, Zion's Hideout and Zone One.

Several bbs'es are featured multiple times under different names.


  • Chrombacher - Graphics (fatal logo ascii)
  • Fatal - Graphics (main ascii)
  • Juan - Graphics (epsilon design logo end ascii)
  • Mogue - Graphics (fatal logo end ascii)

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