Psychdelic Excretion International


PEI was a pc app cracking group, active at least in 1993. A january 1993 nfo listed Sea Wolf, Celestial Wizard, Scionic Compound, Black Mage (senior), Blitzkrieg (courier coordinator), ZigZag, Smack Master G, Bill, Nixe, Massive Resistance, It, Imp Of Zamiel, PyschoNatric, WenchWomen, Death Pod, Sex Executioner, Lovely Carcass, Stink, Mr. Marlbaro, ChemGod, Clinken, Jubilant Reaper, ManCheZ, Analog Kid, Toxican, Zillion, Morpeen, Scorpion Kid, Living Stamina, Hard Case, Plaidman, Hell's Reject, Asp, Grand Adimral Thrawn, Leader Of The Pack, Dungii, Horrid Beast, Unholy Stench, Deadly Bran Muffin, Violent Child, Insane Prophet, Lars The Wild One, Overlord Krazen, Mr. Brownstone, Hand Of Death, Pathfinder, Bobastic Simpleton, Razor, Urick (members), The Explicit Mind, Nile, Pimpf, Morbid Apparition, Conspikuous, Eleet Boy, Iize, Oi, Blasphemous Tomato, Sheep Basher, The Repulsor, The Evil Witch, Lius Cifier, Vilainous Scumdog, Xing!, Druuna, Senterfuje, Eternal Imbecil and Captain Blood (spreading team) as members at that time.



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