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(lit) - ACE, Arrogant Couriers of Essays

Arrogant Couriers with Essays is a new group started in desperation to
help people get A's and keep their parent's from taking their modems away
during the school year. Of course, with the school year almost ending,
there are many finished essays and our job is to get a good following to
be set for when school reopens. If you are an exceptional student and
have good works or are able to con A Students outta their essays, then
get in touch with us about them. The essays ARE viewed by us and pure
shit is not gonna help you get into this .nfo file.

Thanks to Anger for starting it all with his 200+ essays, Maximum Overdose
for his help of his 100+ essays, diz artwork, and other continuous support
and help. Stick with the group that knows essays, AcE.

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