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Snakers was a console releasing group, formed in 1994. They were active making releases at least on the SNES and Sega Megadrive between 1994 and 1997.

The april 8th 1995 release Secret of the Stars came with an nfo, announcing "I would like to welcome Ayatollah as our newest addition to the SNK crew", and listing Dragon Avenger, Fallen Angel, Wing Leader, The Doc, Devious Doze, Night Assassin, Artic Cat, Nostromo, Enforcer, Pharaoh, The Warriors 3 and Ayatollah as members at that time.

An nfo that came with a december 1996 nfo listed Dragon Avenger, Fallen Angel, Wing Leader, The Doc, Thorrin, Grey Mouser, Parriah, Shadolok, Countach, Night Assassin, Devious Doze, Artic Cat, Pharaoh, The 7A3, Rain Man, Delta, Breakdown, Andeveron, Daviolator, Danzig, Shadower, Digital Messiah, Enforcer, Nostromo, Mad Turnip, G.E.M, Ayatollah and 2tuff as members "Past, Present & Future".


Nintendo SNES/Super FamiCom - Cracktro
Nintendo SNES/Super FamiCom - Intro
Sneakers Dec 1995

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