Trouble was a Spanish pc demo group. The group got its start in 1995, when Teknik formed a demo group with Kathmund (later Neko) called Trouble. The following year, Teknik arrived at the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers of Barcelona, where he met B52. After a while, B52 joined Trouble as a coder and musician. In 1997, Teknik and B52 went to the Euskal Party V, where they presented the demo First Try. At that time, they already knew Nitro! who had a group with Demon called Brainstorm, but both soon joined Trouble. Then came SPiTe, and later Hon-T.

This group then became The Dark Rising.

Bio courtesy of a 2006 waybackmachine copy of the The Dark Rising website, translated from Spanish by Google Translate, and then brushed up. :)

Productions (1)

MS-Dos - Demo
Trouble Jul 1997

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