Psycho Squad

(.ch) - PSD, Psychosquad

Swiss PC group, founded in 1993 and active until at least 1994 (Info: PAiN 05/94). PSD also had a trainer division.

Jazz Jackrabbit X-Mas +5 Trainer listed Skylark, Pfusuus, Black Sun, Junky, Lucifer, Fluor, Ron, Gargamel, Balrog, Lhyasom and Pepsi as members at that time.


BBS affiliations


MS-Dos - 8K Intro, BBStro
Psycho Squad Mar 1995
MS-Dos - 512b Intro, BBStro
Psycho Squad 1995
MS-Dos - Cracktro
Psycho Squad Dec 1994
MS-Dos - Cracktro
Psycho Squad Sep 1994
MS-Dos - Cracktro
Psycho Squad Aug 1994
MS-Dos - Demo
Psycho Squad Aug 1994

Member productions

Tracked Music
Balrog / Psycho Squad Dec 1994

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