Artemis was an originally Icelandic Amiga demo group, formed in 1990 by the members of the groups Opus Magnum and Blockbusters.

The april 1991 demo Things Take Time opens with the words Harman Kardon has joined Artemis - but then does not mention the fact at all in its text after that. At least Janx (under the handle Janx Spirit) was a former member of this group.


Amiga OCS/ECS - Invitation
Artemis Aug 2015
Amiga OCS/ECS - Pack
Artemis Aug 1991
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Artemis Jun 1991
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Artemis Apr 1991
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Artemis 1990

Member productions

Tracked Music
DMC / Artemis Apr 1991

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