The Explorers

- EXP, Explorers

The Explorers were an all-Swedish cracking group, formed in february of 1987 and dissolved just a few months later in june of the same year.

Their release of Into The Eagle's Nest (march 1987) listed Bad Boy!, Babyface, B.C., Aha, The Creator, Frankie, Guide, Mad, Once, Radon, Neon, Argon, Xenon, Crypton, Alien, X-Ray and an unnamed member - a total of 17. It further mentioned members were previously in Freaky-Soft, A.C.A., I.S.A. and (old) Explorers. Nemesis Warlock the following month contained a new list, and revealed Meathead, Zacke, Mummyman, Fractuon and Shan were new additions since the last list.

Productions (4)

Commodore 64 - Cracktro
The Explorers Oct 1987
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
The Explorers Apr 1987
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
The Explorers Mar 1987
Championship Wrestling - Other (import original)
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
Triad Nov 1986

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