Condom Corruption (Maxi)

by Travolta / Spaceballs



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ericorsio - 08:38 1 January 2021 #

The extended version of the famous .mod from the more famous Amiga demo State of the Art. That one was released before the demo, sometime in autumn, so Sep-Nov of that year. I just added it as something special for the New Year's Eve. :P

phoenix - 20:54 10 June 2022 #

I'm not sure it was "released" before the demo, maybe just finished. The download link at is the same version as this, and I believe this longer version was the one entered in the TP92 music compo. I don't think it's known as "maxi" anywhere.. but the demo version is at least referred to as the "short-short version" in the sample text.

ericorsio - 08:43 11 June 2022 #

Yeah, I think releasing it as a music compo entry would most likely be the case.