Jumalauta Extravaganza Vodkaparty 2004


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jobe - 05:59 4 March 2020 #

A wee bit of trivia about this party: it never happened. Surprising, I know ;)

Long story short - a bunch of us JML folks got drunk and someone thought it would be hilarious to write a fake results.txt for a fake party and upload it to Here it is.

I am proud to say that we, in Jumalauta, have always been paragons of maturity.

gasman - 21:28 4 March 2020 #

Releases deleted now. Sorry to be the party-pooper (...literally?) but it's not really fair for us to clutter up people's release histories with fake releases and have our intrepid researchers search for non-existent productions...

Happy to keep the party itself for now, as I guess it legitimately counts as part of demoscene culture at this point :-)

jobe - 07:39 5 March 2020 #

I figure that's the right thing to do. The link to the results.txt is still there, if someone wants to laugh at our stupidity :)