Junction 1995

  • 16th - 18th June 1995
  • Linköpings Kommun, Östergötland, Sweden

Junction 1995, to be held at Collegium in Linköping, Sweden by Razor 1911 (amiga), Virtual Dreams/FLT (amiga) and Triton (pc) was cancelled. The reason was that the people who were to rent out the party place suddenly decided to add 120.000 SKR to the price of the rent, and this made one of the sponsors decide to back out. Diesel8/Razor 1911 was one of the organizers, Phase another. The party was originally 'delayed', and the plan was to hold the party, but a year later at the same time. I have found no indication that these plans were ever carried through.

Read the article in R.A.W 8, and the invitation in Chit-Chat 15 for more information.

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