Dominators and Success Party 1991

  • 13th - 15th December 1991
  • Papenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany

The Dominators and Success Party was held in Papenburg, Germany for the c64 and amiga scenes. No more than 90 people attended the party, actually held in a skyscraper. The party was reportedly about 85% c64-oriented, just a few amigas were scattered around. Attendees were mostly German, though a few guys from Switzerland and The Netherlands attended also. There was a special corner of the hall setup for showing some movies. 6 c64 first release game cracks were released at the party. The demo competition was cancelled, since Arrogance/Success accidently brought all the disks with the controbutions with him when he went home early sunday morning.

Information from party reports in Corruption 12 and I.C.E 8.

Party report in Milestone 1/2-1992.


Commodore 64 - Diskmag
Excess Dec 1991

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