(c64) - SCS

Major X joined from X-Ray when the group was rebuilt in 1991. Rough was kicked late this year. German musician Steel/Padua joined as a doublemember in december.

February 1992 brought news Arrogance had joined the army, that Rap (previously in X-Ray) joined, that Darklord and Ist left the scene, That The Yank/Eternal joined, that B-Wyze, Copkiller, Lifestyle and Skeletor all joined from Extreme, that Manx was kicked, that Lazyness left, and that Tyree had gotten into problems with his parents over his declining school work, to the degree that they had confiscated his computer, meaning he needs to take a break from the scene. Major X changed his handle to Hi-Lite this summer.

Copkilla changed his handle to Sphere around february 1993. Original supplier Defjay (ex Padora, new early 93) sold his C64 and left the scene early this year. Nightshade left to do his army duty in may, shortly to be followed by Dannie, but both remain in the group. Lifestyle (ex Extreme, new 02/92) got kicked in may. Mr.Disk joined in may after a 2 year absence from the scene; he was previously in Laser Inc. Both the group's euro boards, CHRYSTALBALL (TSS) and THE LOST EMPIRE (Guzzler) are down in may, since their owners can't pay their humongous phone bills. German swapper Airwolf left for Genesis Project, also in may. Swapper and editor Vengeance joined from Bodycount in june, forming the Australian section in the process. Artix and Lifestyle were both kicked around july or august. Artix subsequently joined Amnesia. Atmos/Illusion, Hain and Brush/Elysium all joined in august. Former member Raze also returned in august. Artix joined Amnesia in september.

German Hi-Lite left in january 1995, and joined Hardcore.

They were co-arrangers of X 1997 in early april.


Commodore 64 - Invitation
Success and The Ruling Company Apr 1997
MS-Dos - 100K Intro
Success Apr 1995
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
Success Jan 1993
Commodore 64 - Demo
Success Dec 1992
Commodore 64 - Demo
Success Apr 1990
Commodore 64 - Tool
Success and X-Ray 1989

Member productions

Commodore 64 - Music
Steel / Success Oct 2016
Commodore 64 - Tool
Count Zero / Cyberpunx ^ Dienstagstreff ^ Success Jun 2003
Commodore 64 - Music
Raze / Padua ^ Success ^ The Ruling Company Apr 1999
Commodore 64 - 4K Intro
Allitaice / Citadel ^ Success ^ The Ruling Company Apr 1999
Mitch / Success Jul 1995
Mitch / Success Dec 1994
Mitch / Success May 1994
Commodore 64 - Graphics
Hi-Lite / Success Dec 1993
Commodore 64 - Graphics
Zoomo / Success Dec 1992
Commodore 64 - Music
Steel / Origo Dreamline ^ Success Dec 1992
Commodore 64 - Music
Guy Shavitt / Success Jun 1992
Commodore 64 - Music
Guy Shavitt / Success 1991

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