Thrust, Madonna Cracking Group (MCG) and Genesis*Project (G*P) Party 1988

  • 22nd October 1988
  • Nürnberg, Regierungsbezirk Mittelfranken, Bavaria, Germany

The Thrust, Madonna Cracking Group and Genesis Party 1988 was held in Nuremberg, Germany. About 150 people showed up. No competitions were ultimately held.

Party report by Mystyx/Axenon can be found here (originally published in Scandinavian News 5), and actual information from co-organizer Snacky/Genesis Project here. A party report was published in Cracker Journal 10 (november 1988).

Another party report can be found in Smasher #1, which reveals that some compo must have been held after all: "Thrust programed there [sic] demo on the party, and it got the best. Also on the C-64 was some Hacking going on. Frontline 1842 made the 1st place with there Demo, the[y] also made with Shining 8 a Cooperation Demo." However, TNT/G*P stated in Smasher #2 that contrary to that info, there was no demo competition because the organisers were too tired to arrange it.

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