Cracker Journal 10

by Alpha Flight


Reward/III, Spy & Mind, Doctor Soft/Red Sector, Orca/Vision Factory and The Beyonders, GSC/Sinners, Insane/Razor, Crawler/Fantasy, Frandal/The Commodore Guys, Wookie/World of Wonders, Pirate/AOFCF, Crain/101 - The Maltese Hackers, Explorer, Invisible Crime and Victory/Topboys appeared as guest artists.

Features interviews with Bamiga Sector 1 and Defjam, and party reports from the Razor 1911, Cartel and Abnormal Party 1988, Alpha Flight and Spy & Mind Party 1988, TSK, Megaforce and Quest Party 1988, Thrust, Madonna Cracking Group (MCG) and Genesis Project (GP) Party 1988, MGF + JOY + WWE Copy-Party 1988, Venlo Meeting October 1988 and PCW Show 1988.



Shadow Light / Alpha Flight Nov 1988
Ghetto Nov 1988

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