X-Men & Deathstar & Overload & Phalanx Lahti Copy-Party 1989

  • 7th - 8th April 1989
  • Lahti, Päijät-Häme, Southern Finland, Finland

Held by X-Men, Deathstar, Overload and Phalanx at a high school in Lahti, Finland. The party was originally scheduled to be held a few weeks earlier, but was postponed. Entrance was 30 FIM. The party was dispersed by the police on the orders of the headmasters, who objected the sceners' beer-drinking in the building.

This was the first of two parties in Lahti this year, the next one in november.

Party reports in Smasher #4 (april 1989) and Cracker Journal 14 (may 1989).


Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Overload Mar 1989


Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Deathstar and X-Men Apr 1989
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Team-X Apr 1989
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Destiny and Zigag Apr 1989

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