Rendezvous 1992

  • 10th - 12th July 1992
  • Mandal, Vest-Agder, Norway
Other Rendezvous parties:

Rendezvous 1992 was held in Mandal, Norway by Symbiosis for the Amiga scene. Reports vary, but attendance was somewhere between 150 and 200 people. The news section of EuroChart #15 carried news of the party.

The demo competition was apparently cancelled due to a lack of releases. Competitions were held for various games like Kick Off and Twintris, as well as a real football competition. The final was between Crusaders and a team called "Barbarians" (Ben/Soc. Brigade, Shade/Devils, Remix/Desire, Moxy/Offence and Ace/Supernova). Barbarians won 2-1. Prizes for the graphics competition were a Commodore 1084 monitor and an Amiga 2000. In the music competition, prizes were an Action Replay MK3, a Beetlemouse and 340 disks.


Amiga OCS/ECS - Intro
Symbiosis Jun 1992

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