JOY, Team-X and TFR Party 1989

  • 13th August 1989
  • Gemeente Tilburg, North Brabant, Netherlands

The JOY, Team-X and TFR Party 1989 was held at a hotel in Tilburg, Holland for the amiga scene. It was a one-day party, held on a sunday. About 250 people attended. A giant videoscreen was erected, showing new movies.

Cracker Journal 15 (july 1989) reported "JOY, Team-X and TFR Party on 13.08.89 in Holland." in the news section, while the adverts section listed the following; "Mega-copyparty on Sunday 13 august in a big place in Tilburg(Holland) Some activities will be: modem importing,the newest videos(videos for copying available) while we'll play on a GIANT videoscreen (2X3M.!)" and listing an address in Apeldoorn, Holland for requesting invitations.

Party report in Cracker Journal 16 (october 1989).

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