Wookie/Vision Factory, Wraith/Lords of Conquest, Mark/Subway, Wiz/Italian Cracking Service appeared as guest artists.

Party reports from Alpha Flight Party 1989, Paranoimia 1989 and Radwar 1989 (3).

Features interviews with Duncan/The Band, Randy Linden (programmer of Dragons Lair for the amiga), software house Accolade, Major Rom/Quadlite and famed "pirate hunter" Gravenreuth.



Smasher Jul 1989

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macron - 23:19 31 May 2015 #

Hi, weel to post here . I am sory of desperate. The song of this crach tro is my all timefavortite

But I cannot find out who made it and when googleing abut the anthrax song you get 2 hits both are refering to crack tro nr 15

Noting bad about crack tro nr 15 but I want it on disk so how do I download and more importeant how do a ind out who made this amazing music?@!!! please let met know at

this songs helped me through so many traffic jams with a big smile. (a point even Rob Hubrad could not help any more

menace - 21:05 23 April 2016 #

Ripped the tune and sent it to the email in the comment above this, FWIW. Now, to figure out the author... :)

Asle - 13:29 25 April 2016 #

zik author info added